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NOTE: Please do not hesitate to contact me in any matter, if you’re a GAS fan :). I will make all efforts possible to answer questions and help solve any issues You might be facing. 


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PC Global Alpha (PCGA) provides educational services with focus on capital markets, global asset allocation, risk management, portfolio management, wealth management, macroeconomy, economic cycles. (GAS) is a platform for cooperation between market professionals as well as private investors looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of capital markets, while simultaneously looking for a balance in life (read about SIA philosophy here). PCGA also undertakes training courses in the area of investing, personal finance, wealth management and involves in selected publishing initiatives, which are deemed beneficiary to GAS fans. PCGA cooperates with individuals and institutions on commercial basis in all the above areas under one BASIC ASSUMPTION: any such cooperation must add real value to the GAS community and its supporters. No products or services or events I would personally NOT promote, use or support will be presented on this site or pitched to GAS fans.


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